Acheron Book 1 is out today on ebook and audio.


Some of you may have read my old Tales of the Acheron series. I always wanted to get audio books done for the series but couldn’t justify the expense myself. Well, thanks to the great folks at Aethon Books, my publisher for Drop Trooper and Wholesale Slaughter, Acheron is being repackaged, re-covered and relaunched with ebooks, paperbacks and audio books! The first one is out today, Acheron, Book 1, and the ebook is only 99 cents!

The Acheron: A Military Sci-Fi Series by [Rick Partlow]

9 thoughts on “Acheron Book 1 is out today on ebook and audio.

  1. Steven P Rodermund

    Thanks for the information. I started reading Drop Troopers again as I wait on Acheron book 3. I saw the reference to the new ships in the second book. Great job on looking at a war from a completely different perspective while providing a new set of characters that you can enjoy. Any chance that the main characters from each series might interact?


  2. It’s not officially out. The publisher released the paperback early in order to have something to link the audiobook to. ARC readers are being asked to leave reviews for the paperback in order for them to transfer over to the ebook when it and the audiobook come out. But thank you for buying the paperback and I appreciate you leaving a review!


  3. Mike Lewis

    I just read this one, which is a significant departure from Rick’s other works I’ve read. While I have thoroughly enjoyed them all, I really feel like this series raises the bar considerably. Well written, and relevant, it brings science fiction home to address current issues. In addition, its close-to-present time frame allows the reader to feel part of the story. Rick’s first person narrative is fantastic! Thanks for the great read, looking forward to jumping into book two!

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