Happy anniversary to me…as a published author


Today is my 10th year anniversary of publishing my first book.

July 31, 2011, I published Duty, Honor, Planet on Amazon. The next day, not knowing what I was doing, I published my other completed novel, Birthright. I slapped together Photoshop covers for them, priced them at 99 cents and just sat back, thinking that maybe a couple people would read them.

The image I’m including isn’t even the WORST cover I had for Duty, Honor, Planet…I can’t seem to find that one, but it was square, not even shaped like a book cover. But this is the second effort, which wasn’t much better.

But I sold 30,000 copies in the next 4 months and here I am today, with 46 completed novels and about halfway through number 47, and nowhere near stopping.

Thanks to everyone who helped make my dream career possible.