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Future Space Marine Assassin


Grant Masterson is a man with nothing left to lose.


A disgraced ex-cop, framed by a crooked politician,

abandoned by his family, he’s forced into the life of a bounty hunter just to survive.


Tracking down a traitor who stole military grade weapons to sell on the black market, Masterson finds out things aren’t as simple as the wanted poster made them seem.


Because Delia Beckett isn’t a traitor, simply a patsy, and the forces manipulating her may be the same ones responsible for Masterson’s fall from grace.


Can a beat-up bounty hunter and his robot dog find the truth chasing a fugitive in a backwater colony town? Or will their journey to Absolution be their last hunt?


Find out in the first thrilling adventure of Grant Masterson, Interstellar Bounty Hunter!