Results of the giveaway promotion


About 3200 copies of Birthright were given away as ebooks for Kindle between Monday and Friday.  A pretty good showing.  Better than the first time I tried a promotion for Duty, Honor, Planet.  We’ll see how it effects sales for the new book.  I’d be satisfied with just a few reviews.

Free at last, free at last…


Northwest Passage is done, finished.  All that’s left is proof-editing and that shouldn’t take more than a few days.

It’s a bit shorter than the books in my Duty, Honor, Planet series:  this one is only 103,000 words compared to Honor Bound which was 180,000, so I almost felt like cheating when I wrapped it up, but it was a natural ending spot.

Now a confession.  I SWORE to myself I wouldn’t do this, but…I left things open for another sequel.  I couldn’t help it, the book just wouldn’t let me end it any other way.

Oh well, that can wait for a while.  At least now I can think about writing something else while I copy-edit this one.