A milestone…and a note on marketing.


I just passed 90,000 words in my work in progress, Glory Boy. The way the plot is progressing, I expect it to take about another 20,000 words to wrap up.
This novel is the story of the wartime experiences of Caleb Mitchell, the main character in the Birthright trilogy, so one might naturally assume that I’m going to market it as a prequel to Birthright.
But I’m not, at least not at first. As it is, it’s a fine standalone military science fiction novel and I’m of the opinion that it will probably sell better if I market it that way than if I connect it to an existing trilogy.
So I am going to start out by selling this as a standalone and then maybe after few months, I’ll add something to the blurb that mentions the Birthright trilogy.
Just wanted to let everyone who follows my work regularly know what’s going on with Glory Boy.