Drop Trooper Book 5: Home Front is out!


The fifth book in the Drop Trooper series, Home Front, is out today on Amazon for Kindle!

Cam Alvarez was finished with war. But war isn’t finished with him.

Hausos is a peaceful farming colony. Once controlled by the Tahni, it’s now settled by a collection of homeless refugees and war veterans, among them Cam and Vicky. Their life is pleasantly boring, quiet enough for demons from the war to nag at the corners of Cam’s mind on lonely nights. He fights the demons back with willpower and alcohol, determined to make this place home.

But the peace doesn’t last. Serpents show up in their pastoral Eden, smugglers from the Pirate Worlds caching weapons on the farms of their neighbors, taking advantage of the colony’s isolation and lack of law enforcement. Cam is worried but he’s a civilian and it’s none of his business.

However, the smugglers are just lackeys for the real mastermind, a former colonel in the Tahni Imperial Army, leading a group of disaffected Tahni soldiers in a quest for revenge against the humans who toppled their society.

Will Cam and Vicky be drawn back into the fight against an old enemy? Will fate finally catch up with them, here on their home front?

The 5th installment of the bestselling Drop Trooper military sci-fi series is here!

Earth at War Begins!


Earth at War, Book 1: First to Fight is available now on Amazon for Kindle as an ebook for only 99 cents for a limited time! Or on Audible.com and Amazon as an audiobook narrated by the awesome Scott Aeillo.

I retired from the USMC, and now I write about space marines.

I never thought I’d actually become one.

As a sci-fi author with a hit TV show, I have a few ideas about what alien invaders are supposed to look like. In my stories, they’re technologically advanced monsters, with tentacles, and no faces.

Turns out I was right about the technology.

And about how angry they’d be.

But the way they look…that’s more terrifying than even I could have imagined.

They look exactly like us.

Because they are us.

Acheron Book 1 is out today on ebook and audio.


Some of you may have read my old Tales of the Acheron series. I always wanted to get audio books done for the series but couldn’t justify the expense myself. Well, thanks to the great folks at Aethon Books, my publisher for Drop Trooper and Wholesale Slaughter, Acheron is being repackaged, re-covered and relaunched with ebooks, paperbacks and audio books! The first one is out today, Acheron, Book 1, and the ebook is only 99 cents!


The Acheron: A Military Sci-Fi Series by [Rick Partlow]

Contact Front available in HARDBACK!


This may seem not that big of a deal to some people, but for those who know anything about the business, they know that getting a hardback edition of a book produced is expensive and most small publishers never bother to offer one.  The fact that Contact Front has a hardback available now, the first one I have ever had available of any of my books, is a big event for me.  Even if no one else buys a copy, I definitely will!