Holy War Book One: Genesis is out today


I spent the first two and a half weeks of May away from writing, doing wildlife photography in Yellowstone National Park, as is my habit every May for the last 15 years. If you want to take a look at the pictures, check out Rick Partlow Photography on Facebook. Which is not connected to the release of my new series except it is an explanation for why you haven’t heard from me here in a while. When I go on this annual trip, I try to concentrate on where I am and what I’m doing and not think about writing.

But now it’s back to the grind and just in time for the release of the first book in my new series, Holy War. Book 1, Genesis, is the story of how the humans of the Commonwealth first met the Tahni…and wound up fighting the First Interstellar War against them.

First contact gone wrong…

It was every starship captain’s nightmare, and for Travis Miller, it was his own personal hell. 

He’d done everything by the book, but when the Tahni had attacked him and his crew, there was no choice but to return fire and destroy the first alien vessel humans had ever encountered. 

Excoriated in the press, his career in shambles, Travis is exiled to a long patrol of the outer colony worlds. Forgotten, except as a bad example…until the Tahni prove him right by declaring war on the human Commonwealth. 

Now, Travis Miller is the tip of the spear. Humanity’s best hope for turning back an overwhelming assault on human space.  Because to the Tahni, humans are infidels and this is a holy war…

Don’t miss the next explosive series from the #1 Amazon Bestselling author of Contact Front, Rick Partlow. This is Military Sci-Fi the way it’s meant to be. It’s perfect for fans of Jay Allan, Jasper T. Scott, and Scott Bartlett.

Dragon Awards nominations are open! Please vote for Direct Fire!


The nomination process is now open for the annual Dragon Awards. For those who aren’t familiar with them, the Dragon Awards are voted on by the fans and all you have to do to register is leave your name and email address. If you could go to the link below and register and vote for Drop Trooper 4: Direct Fire for best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy novel, I would be forever in your debt and would be willing to volunteer my services as a dogsitter or carwasher for each and every one of you. 😉

Dragon Con 2021 – Dragon Awards Nominations

Drop Trooper Book 6: Fire Base is out today!


Drop Trooper Book 6: Fire Base is out today on Amazon for Kindle!

Cam Alvarez and Vicky Sandoval have pursued the renegade, Tahni Zan-Thint, to his refuge in the outlaw cartels of the Pirate Worlds. On a planet of endless ocean and volcanic fury, Zan-Thint is coming ever closer to learning the secrets of the ancient alien weapons he’s discovered.

And if Cam and Vicky can’t stop him, he’ll unleash the wrath of a long-dead civilization on all humanity.

Don’t miss Book 6 in the Amazon Bestselling Drop Trooper series by Rick Partlow. It’s Military Sci-Fi the way it’s supposed to be!

Earth at War Book 2: Primary Targets is out today!


Amazon.com: Primary Targets (Earth at War Book 2) eBook: Partlow, Rick: Kindle Store

Earth at War Book 2: Primary Targets released today!

Old Marines never die…they just become Space Marines

I thought the hard part of helping the Helta defeat the rampaging Tevynians would be the fighting. How wrong I was.

To the Helta, we Earthers look just like the Tevynians, their mortal enemies. And convincing their government to ally with humans may be even beyond the crew of the starship James Bowie.

But the clock is ticking, because the Tevynian fleet is bearing down on the Helta homeworld. If we can’t talk the Helta into accepting our help to fight them off, then Helta Prime will fall…

And Earth will be next.