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Wholesale Slaughter Book 5: Judas Kiss is out today!

Judas Kiss



The battle for Sparta has begun.

Logan Brannigan has taken back his father’s name and now he and Wholesale Slaughter fight to reclaim his father’s throne.

But deposing the traitor, Rhianna Hale, without bringing all of Sparta into a bloody and divisive civil war won’t be easy. And while the Spartans fight among themselves, vultures circle, waiting for their chance to claim what’s left.

When former allies are forced into opposing sides, who can Logan trust to have his back…and who will deliver the Judas kiss?

The Wholesale Slaughter series continues with Book 5, Judas Kiss. Also Available on Audible, narrated by the award-winning Marc Vietor.



Also, I have a short story, Legends, in the Contact This anthology by JR Handley also out today!



They came in peace…

…or so they said. Here are 18 examples of how they lied. This is an exciting collection of First Contact science fiction stories, all completely different! Take a risk – venture into the unknown with us. Who is out there? What will they want from us? Come join us in our adventure to find out how 1st Contact pans out. It will be a great adventure!

“Every story in this book has something to appeal to fans of the science fiction genre, especially those who like speculations into space travel and the future tinged with horror. Lovers of Alien and The Twilight Zone will find themselves at home here, and so will anyone who enjoys science fiction for what it promises: the expansion of the mind into unknown and sometimes intimidating places.” Virge B., Red Adept Editing, Proofreader

Buy Contact This! and read some of the industry’s best storytellers today!

Walt Robillard – Delta Rescue 1

Corey Truax – Reaper’s Fall

Aaron Seaman – The Last

Chris Winder – Memories

Nathan Pedde – From Planet Everdark

J. R. Frontera – The X Café

Tim Niederriter – Negotiation Negated

I. Ronik – The Incident at Wallings Creek

IQ Malcolm – Catch Island

J. Daniel Sawyer – Pumpernickel

Rick Shaw – Fiddler

Luke T. Barnett – Because Why Not

Lawrence N. Oliver – Colonies 11273

R. Max Tillsley – Replication

J.R. Murdock – Last Day of Reign

Paul E Cooley – Whispers

J. R. Handley – Ishtar’s Rising

Rick Partlow – Legends



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What’s goin’ on…


Just a progress report for those who only follow my writing here (both of you!).

I just finished writing book 5 of the Wholesale Slaughter series, Judas Kiss, and I am currently working on the plot outline for book 6, tentatively entitled Redemption’s Shadow, as well as putting a few tweaks to the plot outline Drew Avera wrote for the third book in our Broken Arrow Mercenary Force collaboration, Spoils of War.  I should be starting on both those books within a week.

On top of that, I have signed to write another trilogy of military SF novels for Aethon Publishing, the same great people who put out Wholesale Slaughter.  More details on that to follow!


BTW if you’ve read book 3 in the Wholesale Slaughter series, Revelation Run, and haven’t left your review yet, please do me a big favor and take just one second to make your opinion known!

Lots of news today!


Wholesale Slaughter Book 3: Revelation Run is out today on Amazon as a paperback and ebook, and on Audible as an audiobook with the narration by Marc Vietor.  Get your copy today!



To celebrate book 3 coming out, Book 2: Terminus Cut is on sale for 99 cents for a limited time!



Also on sale for a limited time this week is the complete Birthright trilogy omnibus, all three books for the incredible price of only 99 cents!  This is a steal so grab yours today!