The GATES OF HELL have opened…


Gates of Eternity Book 1: Gates of Hell is out today and only 99 cents!

Kyle Washaki ‘Wash’ Williams thought his life couldn’t get any more complicated. Then the aliens showed up…

After his mom died from cancer, Wash gave up his girlfriend and his dream of being a career Army officer to stay home and take care of his father, a former Special Forces soldier stricken with PTSD. Wash works three jobs just to pay the bills, and one of them is at the ranch of the man who’s engaged to his ex-girlfriend, Jimmy Bonner.

Sound rough? He thought so too…until a portal to a hell-world of giant, insectoid aliens opens behind the ranch house, sucking Wash and Jimmy into the nightmare domain of the Hive Mind, a monstrous, underground blob of brain tissue that stretches across multiple planets through the Gate System.

It exists only to spread itself across the universe. And its next target is Earth.

Will Wash be able to defend the planet from conquest by a swarm of giant alien insects? And will Jimmy be able to put aside his rivalry with Wash to fight for Earth, or will he decide that an alien horde is the perfect tool to dispose of his old enemy?

The answer lies on the other side…of the Gates of Hell.

The next hit Military Sci-Fi Series from Rick Partlow, the bestselling author of the Drop Trooper Series, is here! It’s perfect for fans of Jasper T. Scott, Scott Bartlett, and David Weber. This is Military Sci-Fi the way it’s meant to be!

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