Drop Trooper Book 7: Shock Action is out!


If you’re following the Drop Trooper series, Book 7: Shock Action is out! Be sure to pick it up on Amazon for Kindle, also in Kindle Unlimited.

And if you’ve read Shock Action, Drop Trooper 7, I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review.


9 thoughts on “Drop Trooper Book 7: Shock Action is out!

  1. Before I read No 7 Shock Action, I went back to book one and re-read the whole series. Deeply immersive, totally compelling and well worth it. Then I discovered PSI Wars and have just finished all three of those. Rick you are a great writer, never losing sight of humanity and character between the battles and the tech. Cheers Robert – PS love to see a book timeline on your site

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  2. Richard Whitten

    I’ve been bingeing your books over the last couple weeks, mostly because I had bought one and left it in my reading queue until I saw the Dragon Award nomination, which then pushed it to the top of the queue. I would love to see a timeline and a list of the guest appearances by characters in other books. I love the idea of a group of series looking at events in the same universe and history but from different viewpoints. I did not realize that the series were intertwined so closely until I started seeing the same President in multiple books. I really enjoy your books so far, having read the first 3 Holy War books, the 1st 4 Drop Trooper books, Duty, Honor, Planet and almost one book into the Recon series.

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    • Duty Honor Planet is in a separate, unconnected universe from the others.
      Holy War, Glory Boy, Birthright, Recon, Acheron, Psi War and Drop Trooper are all in what I call the Birthright universe. (Birthright was the first book I wrote in that universe.)
      Chronologically, the order of the Tahni universe books is thus:
      Holy War Books 1-4
      Glory Boy.
      Recon Book 1
      Acheron Book 1
      Drop Trooper Books 1-4
      Then Drop Trooper Books 5-8, Recon Books 2-4 and Acheron Books 2-4 all happen more or less concurrently.
      Then the Birthright trilogy.
      And finally, the Psi War trilogy.
      The READING order should have Glory Boy, then the Birthright trilogy first, before you read any of the Recon books because there’s a major spoiler in the Recon series for the first Birthright book. So my advice would be to read them in this order:
      Holy War.
      Drop Trooper 1-4
      Glory Boy.
      Birthright trilogy
      Recon series.
      Acheron series.
      Psi War trilogy.
      Drop Trooper 5-8.


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