Drop Trooper Book 6: Fire Base is out today!


Drop Trooper Book 6: Fire Base is out today on Amazon for Kindle!

Cam Alvarez and Vicky Sandoval have pursued the renegade, Tahni Zan-Thint, to his refuge in the outlaw cartels of the Pirate Worlds. On a planet of endless ocean and volcanic fury, Zan-Thint is coming ever closer to learning the secrets of the ancient alien weapons he’s discovered.

And if Cam and Vicky can’t stop him, he’ll unleash the wrath of a long-dead civilization on all humanity.

Don’t miss Book 6 in the Amazon Bestselling Drop Trooper series by Rick Partlow. It’s Military Sci-Fi the way it’s supposed to be!

6 thoughts on “Drop Trooper Book 6: Fire Base is out today!

    • You can’t. Most of my books are out now through small publishers who are exclusive to Amazon. There just aren’t enough customers outside Amazon for them to give up the money from Kindle Unlimited and make the books available wide.


  1. Jim

    I’m fascinated at the pace in which you release books. It seems like you are writing/releasing multiple books each year. Is that my imagination or are you really that fast? How do you do it?

    Love the work.


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