Earth at War Begins!


Earth at War, Book 1: First to Fight is available now on Amazon for Kindle as an ebook for only 99 cents for a limited time! Or on and Amazon as an audiobook narrated by the awesome Scott Aeillo.

I retired from the USMC, and now I write about space marines.

I never thought I’d actually become one.

As a sci-fi author with a hit TV show, I have a few ideas about what alien invaders are supposed to look like. In my stories, they’re technologically advanced monsters, with tentacles, and no faces.

Turns out I was right about the technology.

And about how angry they’d be.

But the way they look…that’s more terrifying than even I could have imagined.

They look exactly like us.

Because they are us.

3 thoughts on “Earth at War Begins!

  1. Jon

    I really really enjoyed this series, definitely funny. I may be bias due to a similar lack of face filter. I would love to read more Andy, Julie, and Pop.


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