An update on the projects I’m working on


I haven’t posted here for a while, mostly because I haven’t had anything new coming out for a few months.  I’m in a kind of a strange place for me where I’m writing more than ever but nothing new is being published.  I have completed three of the six books in the Wholesale Slaughter series, which Aethon Books, the publisher I signed with, is going to release the first three together with their audio books sometime this summer.

I am also working on a near-future Mil-SF series called Broken Arrow Mercenary Force with my friend and fellow SF author Drew Avera.  The first book, Merchants of War, will likely be done by late April and the series will be released as the books are done.

I am also going to have a near-future SF story published in an upcoming and as-yet-to-be-titled anthology put out by the good folks at the Keystroke Medium podcast, who are starting their own publishing concern and I may have future projects with them as well.


On top of all that, I am tentatively planning to finally start writing the epic fantasy trilogy I’ve been wanting to write for decades this summer.


So as you can see, this is a bit of a hectic time for me and I apologize for not keeping up with this website.


I will be putting up a teaser for Merchants of War soon!

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