Life after Imperium


As you might have seen, I have finished Imperium and with it, the Psi War series…and just maybe, I am finished with the Birthright universe for a while.  I left an opening at the end of Imperium for a future story arc, but honestly, I am itching to write in a new universe with a new history and new rules.  There’s a book I was working on back in the early 2000s called Seeds of Gaia that I abandoned after about 85 pages that I think I am going to go back and finish.  It’s a one-off, self-contained novel, but the universe it lives in is complex and rich enough to spawn its own  series or collection of series.  I wrote 15 novels over 4 different series in the Birthright universe and it may be time to move on.

2 thoughts on “Life after Imperium

  1. karen

    well, I do love the birthright universe, it will be a shame to see this series end .is seeds of gaia si fi? whatever you do next I am sure it will be great. keep up the good work rick !


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