Psi War Volume 2: Conflagration is live!


Psi War Volume 2: Conflagration is now available for sale on Amazon as an e-book or paperback!

It’s the end of everything, and the greatest heroes of the Commonwealth are gathered in the breach for one last fight.

The Transformation Virus rages through human space like a wildfire, changing ordinary men and women into psionic demi-gods, bent on destruction and conquest. The government has fallen, the military is helpless and the fate of humanity rests in the hands of a collection of unlikely saviors.

Sandi Hollande, disgraced war hero. Kara McIntire, cold and calculating master spy. Randall Munroe, corporate mercenary. And Caleb Mitchell, the deadliest man alive. Together, they make a stand against the darkness, but will their only hope for victory be in risking the destruction of all they hold dear?
Discover the destiny of humanity in volume 2 of the devastating PSI WAR series!


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