Just finished Tales of the Acheron 2!


I spent the last day of 2017 finishing up book 2 of the Tales of the Acheron series, titled Hybrid.  It’s my seventh book completed this year, and my 14th overall.  Another week or so of editing and it should be ready to go!  Keep an eye out for it!


Happy New Year!

One thought on “Just finished Tales of the Acheron 2!

  1. Erik Higgins

    I’ve been on Partlow kick this year and I have to say this is the best series of books I’ve read in a long time. All the characters in the story arc are well thought out. I was wondering if the hybrid is one of the destroyers mentioned in Line of Duty? And are the Humans, Tahni, Predecessors and the Builders all in the same universe? and if so who actually built the jump Gates the predecessors or the builders?
    I’m trying to get everything straight and would love to know!


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