Birthright is heading to audio!


Production has just completed on the audiobook version of Birthright and it should be available on and Amazon very soon!
With Birthright, I will have five books available as audio books, with two more to come soon.
Duty, Honor, Planet, Glory Boy, Birthright, Recon: A War to the Knife and Recon: A Wolf in the Fold are either already out or will be within a few days, and the other two Recon novels, A Battle for the Gods and A Fight to the Death, will be out on audio soon!

One thought on “Birthright is heading to audio!

  1. John E. Hickey

    I just finished the Recon series. Thank You. Twisty plot, well developed characters, very good action/combat and very good reading. Me, ex-military,enlisted,non-commissioned and officer.
    Thanks again and will be following you. J.E.H.


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