Promotional giveaway of Recon: A War to the Knife


If you or any of your friends who are readers are interested, I am running a promotional giveaway of the e-book version of my mil-sf novel Recon: A War to the Knife starting tomorrow, Saturday 9/23 and running through the 27th.

If you follow that link starting to tomorrow, the book will be free on Amazon for Kindle or the Kindle app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

One thought on “Promotional giveaway of Recon: A War to the Knife

  1. René

    I just finished book one of the Recon series. It has its faults – like all of this type of Military SciFi – however, it is one of the few that I wish to continue. I can’t express the reason(s) for this. I am not erudite enough I suppose, and my lexicon is short. Perhaps it was simply the inclusion of a quote. There must be more as I fell in early. I am poor, but when I am able, I shall get the next in the series.


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