Recon Book Four and Beyond…


Just a heads-up for those who follow my books.  The book I’m currently writing, the fourth in the Recon series, will probably be the last one in that series.  I may bring some of the characters back later, but this is a definite finish to that arc. 
The next thing I’m going to be working on is going to start off with a mil-sf story that’s almost stand-alone, which takes place during the War with the Tahni that I’ve written about in Glory Boy and Recon:  A War to the Knife, except this time seen through the perspective of a missile cutter crew in the Fleet Attack Command. 
The series will take up the story as more of a straight space opera taking place after the war with some of the same characters when they’re forced into a life as outlaws and smugglers out in the wild frontier colonies and the Pirate Worlds.
I hope to be finished with Recon Book Four by September and working on the new series, which I am tentatively titling “Tales of the Acheron.”

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