The Ambien Walrus Wrote My Book


So last night, I was all ready for bed, and I’d taken my nightly dose of Ambien. I’ve had a prescription for a while since I can’t sleep through the night without it and I have to be up early for work. Usually, I take it then hit the sack no more than 20 minutes later. But this time, I was just a couple hundred words from 50,000 in the new science fiction book I’m writing, and even though I’d taken the pill a half hour ago, I figured I could squeeze in a little extra writing. 50,000 words is a big milestone to pass when you’re writing a book, and I only started working on this one three weeks ago so it’s been going pretty fast and I wanted to keep up that pace.
I woke up this morning having no memory whatsoever of anything I wrote last night. I opened up my laptop and I’d gone like 200 words over 50,000 and ended the chapter I’d been working on. And it was pretty good! I’m tempted to say it was better than some of the stuff I’ve written not on Ambien in some ways.

Hmmm…I’m tempted now to take one on a weekend night when I don’t have to get up early the next morning and just stay up and write and see what the results are in the morning. That would be interesting…

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