My next book and how I’m writing it…

I’m trying something new on my work-in-progress Glory Boy.  I’m usually a seat-of-my-pants plotter, which means I usually only plan out a chapter or two ahead and instead let the characters and the flow of the story guide where the plot goes.  But since Glory Boy is the story of Caleb Mitchell’s experiences during the War with the Tahni, I know exactly what happens already and it’s set in stone, as I have referred to those experiences many times in the Birthright trilogy.
So, this time around, I have outlined every chapter ahead of time and it seems to be working out all right so far.  I’m about 17,000 words into the book after a WEEK, which is some kind of freaking record for me.  If I keep going at this rate, I’d expect to be done with it in three months or so, unless some unexpected block occurs.
Stay tuned…

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