I’m running a 5 day giveaway of the e-book version of my science fiction novel Birthright starting Saturday and running through Wednesday the 20th.
It’s a space opera combined with a dash of cyberpunk, a bit of military science fiction and told in the style of a noir detective story.
The main character, Caleb Mitchell, is the Constable of what used to be an agricultural colony populated by an offshoot of the Quakers, until the war with the aggressive and humanoid Tahni tore that world apart. Cal volunteered to be a cybernetically augmented commando during the war and returned to a world torn by war and exploited for its mineral resources by the monopolistic Corporate Council that was allowed to grow into an unstoppable force during the war. Now he just tries to keep a lid on the pressure cooker and protect his people. That becomes much harder when a Corporate mineral scout comes to him for help. She’s discovered a secret that the Corporate Council is willing to kill for…and now Cal and his family are in their crosshairs.

If you’ve already read it, let your friends know about the giveaway.


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