Fallen Idols


If you are like me and have a list of writers that you consider greats in the field of science fiction and fantasy, I would urge you to not follow their Facebook page.  I just looked up one SF writer who I had considered very erudite, and funny while also being able to string together some quite gripping action sequences.  He’s a liberal, but a lot of old-school sf writers from the 60s and 70s are, but he’s a raging, raving rabble-rouser that doesn’t just believe conservatives are wrong or misguided or even ignorant…they’re all EVIL.  It’s interesting how people of his philosophy are quick to say that right and wrong is relative and determined by society, until they come across someone who believes differently from them politically…THEN that person should be killed or thrown in jail.

I have a lot less respect for this writer as a man and a human being than I had a few minutes ago…

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