Delving into politics


I originally intended to avoid political commentary on this blog, but I am getting pissed off regarding the editorializing about the attempted terrorist attack in Garland, TX.

The party line seems to be that it’s the fault of the people who put on the Mohammed cartoon contest…”dangerous extremists” in the words of one editorializing moron in the USA Today.  They were being “deliberately provocative” and inviting violence.

Leaving aside the obvious comparisons to accusations that scantily clad women “invite rape,” which is equally idiotic, why are we holding Muslims to such a lower standard?  When Robert Maplethorpe created his “artwork” “Piss Christ,” which was the incredibly inventive and thoughtful dunking of a crucifix in a jar of urine, no Christians shot up the studio where it was displayed.  When Chris Ofili displayed his “Holy Virgin” painting, which depicts Mary basically covered in feces, no Christians bombed the place it was displayed.  And neither man was told they were inviting violence and putting innocent people in danger because no one seriously believed that Christians would kill random strangers over the insults.

So why do we assume that Muslims will?  Why do we insult the vast majority of Muslims by assuming that any insult to their religion will result in violence?  How is that a “progressive” position?

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