Tales of the Acheron Book 1: Prodigal on special March 6-13!


The first book in the Tales of the Acheron series, Prodigal, is available for 99 cents from March 6-13th!  Be sure to grab your copy while the sale lasts!



Ash Carpenter never thought he’d see Sandi Hollande again.

She’d sacrificed her military career to rescue him from behind enemy lines during the war, then she’d taken a demotion and a desk job and disappeared from his life.

But now she’s back, wanted for a murder she didn’t commit, with a bounty hunter and a Pirate World cartel on her tail, and she needs his help…and his starship, the Acheron.

Ash mortgaged his military pension to buy her surplus, wanting nothing more than to travel around the Cluster and recapture the glory days of being a combat pilot, but now she may be the only thing that can keep Ash and Sandi one step ahead of criminal cartels, corrupt military officers and a relentless bounty hunter who won’t rest until they’re both dead.

Take a journey into the wild lands of the Pirate Worlds with the crew of the Acheron in the first of a thrilling new space opera adventure from the writer of the Birthright trilogy!

Book three of Tales of the Acheron is written!


Okay, so it took a couple months, but I just finished Tales of the Acheron Book 3: Exile.  It’s the end of a story arc for the crew of the Acheron, but not the end of their story.  I already have most of an outline for book 4 and I think I may be working on a crossover story that will also involve Randall Munroe as well as Caleb Mitchell, Deke Conner and Kara McIntire…and possibly the end of the Commonwealth.

Look for Exile coming soon to Amazon!


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