Earth at War Book 4 is here!


Earth at War Book 4: Enemies and Allies is out now on Amazon for Kindle!

Enemies & Allies (Earth at War Book 4) by [Rick Partlow]

The war is over and Andy Clanton is ready to live happily ever after.

Space Force has other ideas.

Recruited to follow the last signal of the mysterious Elders to a system halfway across the galaxy, Andy joins the crew of the James Bowie for another adventure into the unknown.

The journey will be filled with mystery and wonder, with strange life seeded on far-flung worlds by the godlike Elders…and with danger. For the Elders didn’t leave our galaxy of their own accord. They were driven out by an implacable enemy, something beyond their understanding…and ours.

Now that enemy has returned, and Earth is going to need every ally it can get.

Even the ones who used to be our enemies.

Dragon Award Finalist Rick Partlow’s Earth at War series is military sci-fi at its finest: packed with nonstop action and seasoned with grade-A military humor. Jump into the story today!

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